Aptos Joins Google for Web3 Startup Program: Bridging the Gap Between Web2 and Web3

• Google is partnering with 11 blockchain firms for a Web3 startup program which will provide Web3 startups with support and tooling.
• Aptos, the layer-1 blockchain, announced its collaboration with Google Cloud for Google’s web3 start-up program.
• This collaboration is intended to provide startups with the support and resources that they need to develop infrastructure, bridge platforms, and foster the future of web3.

Aptos Collaborates With Google Cloud For Web3 Startups

Google has launched a Web3 start-up program to help accelerate web3 startups by offering them support and resources. Aptos, the layer-1 blockchain, has announced its collaboration with Google Cloud for this program in order to provide startups with the necessary tools to develop infrastructure and foster the future of web3.

Google’s Web3 Startup Program

Google’s Web3 startup program provides web 3 startups technology, community and resources needed to explore innovation over reliable infrastructure. The program also aims at enabling evolution of Dapps, web 3tooling services and more at scale. 11 blockchain firms have partnered up with Google for this initiative including Alchemy, Aptos, Base , Celo , Flow , Hedera , Nansen , Near , Polygon , Solana and Thirdweb .

Aims Of The Collaboration

The main aim of this collaboration between Aptos and Google Cloud is to bring Web 3to masses by bridging the gap between Web 2andWeb 3 as perstatedbyAptos. It bringsinnovationandprogress toblockchaintechnologyduetowide rangeofsupportandservicesofferedbyGoogleCloudPlatformtostartupsinvolvedintheprogramme.

Benefits Of The Program For Startups

Web 3startups can take advantage of this program inorder togetaccustomedtothe newtechnologyatminimaltimespentonlearningcurvewhichwouldreducethecostinlongrunandgetmoreproductiveduringdevelopmentstagesofDappsandothertoolsrequiredforWeb 3applications . Theycanalso accessresourcesprovidedbyGoogleCloudPlatformwithoutmakinganycapitalinvestmenttogetstartedonthe project .


ThecollaborationbetweenAptosandGoogleCloudwillhelpWeb 3startupsto getthenecessarysupportrequiredforthedevelopmentoftheirinfrastructurebridgingplatformsandfosterthefutureofWeb 3technologyacrossglobe.