BitPay and launch Crypto Travel gift card

BitPay and Team Up to Offer Travala Gift Cards.

Gift cards can be purchased with over 30 different tokens.

10% discounts are available until December 31st.

Bitcoin Superstar, an Atlanta, Georgia-based cryptocurrency payment service provider that has been operational since 2011, has partnered with , a leading , open- ended travel reservation service for cryptocurrencies .

New Crypto gift cards

The gift cards offered can be paid for in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, as well as fiat currencies.

Buy travel gift cards with #Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies at a 10% discount, redeemable for over 3 million travel products worldwide.

Travala Gift Cards will be redeemable on over three million travel products on and can be purchased with over 30 different crypto tokens , up to a limit of $ 20,000.

Founded in 2017 and based in Chorley (near Manchester), is one of the leading cryptocurrency-friendly travel booking services. Travala even has its own native cryptocurrency, AVA, which traded at around $ 0.70 for most of November.

In addition to, BitPay also provides payment services for other gift cards, such as those found on Amazon, Apple’s App Store, Cineplex, and Ticketmaster. BitPay also offers its services to many other companies. A complete directory of merchants can be found on its website.

Despite the current Corona-infused travel crisis , Juan Otero of and Sonny Singh of BitPay were both very positive about their partnership and the future of paid travel in cryptocurrency:

Travel Gift Cards have been a product we’ve been keen to bring to our customers for some time, so we’re excited to have found a BitPay partner to help bring the idea to life.

As Christmas approaches and to add a little Christmas cheer, Travala is offering a 10% discount on the purchase of gift cards before the end of the year.

BitPay reputation

Some in the crypto community view BitPay negatively after the service blocked crypto donations to the Hong Kong Free Press last year. He also rebounded a donation of $ 100,000 to the Amazon Rainforest Fire Relief Fund.

Time will tell if BitPay can save some of its reputation as it advances in the travel industry.